Where did you tickle them?

Someone has to tell Shutoku he should go on a diet.

That's not yours.

I hope Skef feels better today.

I want a priest, and a crucifix, so that I may kiss it!

I'd like to brush my teeth.

Does Les have a key to Antonio's flat?

Nothing is more difficult to a noble person than a rich banquet, especially when the prime seats are taken by idiots.

How long has it been since you slept?

I told you Ellen wasn't hungry.

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Well, I lied.

Why didn't you ever say anything?

I don't like being home alone.

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Christmas is just a few days away.

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He's a philanderer.

Solar energy is abundant, clean, affordable and renewable.

He never pays much attention to what his teacher says.

Take him for a swim.

He is doing it with my help.


Differential equations are equations involving derivatives.

Mario prefers the taste of the sugar apple.

We finally agree on something.

I'll make sure Narendra gets your message.

The heart must be in harmony and calm; only then does it find joy.


It's unusual for it to snow this time of year.

He pulled her hair.

The day is warmer than the night.


I've been looking for something.

Listen to her!

Spudboy is one of my friends.


Most of the town was sleeping.

I never had any doubts.

I need this money.

Here is an apple.

Now that you mention it, I don't remember seeing Surya in class today.

He went to a single-sex school.

This book is difficult to understand.

Let us begin our analysis by positing the following question.

He disappeared in an instant.

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How long do I have to wait to pick up the medicine?

Are you sure you're sick?

How many guests are there?

I'm aware of your problem.

If you watch past season 4 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer without me, I'm going to kill you.


And what?

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I heard Sanjib is back with his ex.

I haven't used this much.

I have some things in the hotel safe.


I'm having a big party tonight.

She flatly refused to let him in.

He's out of position.

Stop asking yourself useless questions.

I think Val is irresponsible.

Vladimir is never here.

Invite us to dinner at a restaurant.

Is Amir working?

Roy looked solemn as I told him the story.

I was not conscious what in fact I was doing then.

I bought a pendant to wear to the party.

San Francisco is only one-tenth as populous as New York.

I think Toby is big-headed.


Did you make a serious attempt to find Rajeev?

I've got a car.

What time are you guys going to the theater?


It's been almost ten years, but you're as beautiful as ever.


I sat behind a very tall person at the theater.

I came looking for you.

My father is a good man.


Progress cannot be stopped.

I assume that was a rhetorical question.

It has been the scheme of the Christian church, and of all the other invented systems of religion, to hold man in ignorance of the Creator, as it is of government to hold him in ignorance of his rights.


I'll try it.

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Why's Bradley doing that?

I don't have to say anything.

Her husband never found out.

I told you I was going to do that.

Go away, I want to be alone!


Having made an unwavering decision, he started to make plans to fulfill his dreams.

We must cover the furniture before painting the walls.

I like meat, but eggs do not agree with me.

I've always wanted to live in this neighborhood.

Instead of just the marketing department completing all their work objectives is not as effective as all the departments working together and mutually realising all the objectives.

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Are you suggesting they're not who they say they are?

Someone stole something from my bag.

My stomach hurts after meals.

I work out in a gym two or three times a week.

My hobby is reading novels.


I haven't received any notice that she's coming.

I was hoping Casey would have time to come over and help us move the piano.

She answered all the questions with assurance.

We hardly realize how important it is.

She spread on margarine instead of butter.


The bus is full and nobody sits beside me.

I hear he's just begun looking for another job.

He took great pains in educating his children.

I stayed home to rest.

It weighed perhaps 300 kilograms.

Who knows what could happen to me?

Takeuchi doesn't know all the rules yet.

Laurent managed to pass the examination.

I need to speak with them.


Marvin didn't mind.

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Time to rise and shine.

Imogen of the Internet calls people out for openly liking the same fan fiction that she does secretly.

A mouse went for a walk on the table.


Nothing is as precious as love.

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Why don't you start by telling us what you saw?


You know you need it.

Skef is a loving and caring gentleman.

Their eyes pursued him.

It seems that he is fine.

This is a matter worthy of note.

Why do you never stop talking about Tatoeba?

These three are for you.

His car fell into the lake.

Why did you hit Charleen?

Trying decorated his wall with posters of his favorite movies.

I'm not going to leave if you don't want me to.


It is not until you have lost your health that you realize its value.

Nanda celebrated his fortieth birthday the other day, without fanfare or trumpets.

Judging by what I've heard.

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He is sure of succeeding in his undertaking.

Are there francophones in Canada?

Remove the bandage.

Why do you want to buy that for Hotta?

Unfortunately, the report is correct.

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The stream flows into the pond.

I'd like to borrow your car this afternoon.

Shut up! We'll miss the best part.

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I am surprised that she should have done such a thing.

I like cities.

Take it off.

How much did you spend on this?

There are many wild animals in this area.

Anatoly is on his lunch break.

Thad wanted a bigger discount.

What a terrible mistake!

I'm feeling a little dizzy.

Jeff searched for three months before he found a job.

Did you just see something?

I thought it was inappropriate.

I don't expect that they will support my view.

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I don't rest them against the wall.

It's so heavy that I can't lift it.

Do you know how to use a personal computer?


You get more wisdom as you have more experiences.


We are suffering from a severe water shortage this summer.

The Milky Way is a vast belt of distant stars, each star a sun like our one.

Meg is excited.

I know Takayuki was busy.

What is written in that signboard?


"Have you been here before?" "Nah, this is my first time."


You seem to ask Monty a lot of questions.

Fear the revenge of the gherkin!

James Cameron created a new way to make movies.


I translated this text for nothing.

Speaking of Ramon, I haven't seen her for a long time.

I wish you didn't hang out with Mitch so much.

They ate a pizza with goat cheese.

Turkeer's plane leaves for Boston at 2:30 p.m.


"Jeeves, my good man, I do believe something is amiss." "What do you mean, sir?" "You are driving on the left side of the road." "Astute observation, sir." "Well, we're in Germany!"


Kent overheard Soohong's conversation with her lover.